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And then private relations become in turn suffocated without the world. The democratic idea of participation in decision-making about what kind of life people can have is in contradiction with our fixation on private relations and therefore our conformism in the public domain.

Additional information: Constantin Brancusi: This version of The Kiss is one of the few works that Brancusi made in response to a specific commission.

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New York: Harry N. They have buried their eyes into each other, they have lost their ears. Masterpieces from the Philadelphia Museum of Art: Impressionism and Modern Art Constantin Brancusi's series of works titled The Kiss constitutes one of the most celebrated depictions of love in the history of art.

The Kiss has come to be regarded as perhaps the quintessential representation of love in the art of the twentieth century. Pach, who was serving as Quinn's intermediary with Brancusi, wrote the sculptor that Quinn wondered about "the original version" of The Kiss quoted in Hulten, Pontus, Natalia Dumitresco, and Alexandre Istrati.

Bernhard Frei.

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Heinz G. Philadelphia Museum of Art: Handbook of the Collections This is the fourth of several stone versions of The Kiss that Brancusi would carve throughout his long career.

He also drew on African tribal art for his woodcarvings, partially influenced by the example of Paul Gauguin. The artist carved this sculpture specifically for John Quinn, the New York lawyer and art collector who had been interested in obtaining an earlier version of The Kiss that was no longer in the sculptor's possession.

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Constantin Brancusi, The Kiss