The role and importance of play in the healthy development in children

Teaching parents the importance of play

Chalk, rope, music or containers can encourage jumping, kicking, stomping, stepping and running. Sing songs and play rhythms so that your child can learn and join in the fun. Your child will love playing with you, but sometimes she might prefer to play by herself. Simple cooking and food preparation activities are great for developing numeracy and everyday skills. Read regularly to and with your child. Children need more play time. Other possibilities include after-school or holiday art and craft activities. Objects of different sizes, colours and shapes: these can encourage your child to reach and grasp. Play promotes healthy habits by actively engaging children in the world around them. To help keep play a key part of childhood, pediatricians may begin writing a "prescription for play" at every well-child visit through age 2. Longer recess contributes to better health and testing results of Finish students when compared with their American peers. Sometimes you might need to be a bit more active. Age-Specific Ideas for Playful Learning Learning is best fueled by tapping into a child's natural urge to play, rather than just outside factors like test scores. Preschool-age children also use objects to develop abstract thought and concepts like symbolism, using a banana as a telephone, for example, along with sharing and taking turns. Structured and unstructured play can happen indoors or outdoors.

Begin to introduce some age-appropriate games like Simon Says. Give your child blocks, empty containers, wooden spoons, and puzzles.

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Homemade toys and free activities are often the most creative ways for you and your child to have fun together. This might mean he needs more space and time to play. Find out why play is the key to healthy child developmentā€”and get new ideas you can use to engage your child in playful ways throughout the day.

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Thus, children need more play time to achieve better success at school. Next time your child asks to play with you, jump at the opportunity!

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Place your baby in different positions so he can see the world from different angles.

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The Importance of Play in Child Development