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Butler Prize for essays in Politics and International Studies is a competition that can be entered by students in Year 12 or the Lower 6th. Essays will not be returned, so candidates should keep a copy for their own reference. You also need to be considering university study in order to enter the contest. To enter the competition, students in each age group are asked to re-write the ending of a film in no more than words. For example, it may be of interest to students taking A-Levels in Modern Languages, English Language or Classics, but also to students taking Psychology or Mathematics. Submit Sorry. The topic can be chosen from any of the questions set for this year. Sample interview video The Robert Walker Prize has three objectives: to encourage students with an interest in Law to explore that interest by researching, considering and developing an argument about a legal topic of importance to modern society; to encourage those interested in Law to apply for a university course in Law; and to recognise the achievements of high-calibre students, from whatever background they may come. Essay papers — why a competition matters Winning an essay competition, particularly from such a prestigious college, can be a real asset to you and would look fabulous on your CV. Smaller prizes will be awarded to runners-up. The winners of the First and Second Prize will be invited to an informal lunch at Trinity College where they will meet lecturers and students in linguistics. Forgotten your password? Certificates of merit may be awarded to runners-up who have impressed the judges. Smith and Mr C. This form is no longer available.

Gibbs, Miss N. The topic can be chosen from any of the questions set for this year. Submissions must be received by the deadline of midnight on 1 July each year.

Trinity college cambridge history essay

The aim of the Prize is to encourage able sixth formers to pursue their interest in Philosophy, with the hope that they will be encouraged to read this or related subjects at University. Today the College is part of a forward-looking University renowned for the excellence of its teaching and research.

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It may also show that you can write a persuasive essay. There were applicants. To enter this essay writing competition, students should submit an essay of 2, to 4, words by the closing date of 31st May It is anticipated that the authors of the ten top-placed essays in each Division will be invited to a Prize Ceremony at Trinity to see the College and to meet the Law Fellows.

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The Wren Library contains many treasures, the oldest of which is an 8th century copy of the Epistles of St Paul.

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