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The narrator dismembers the old man after killing him and decides to hide it under the floorboards; he has no motive except for his pale blue eye. Caulfield is a teenage boy, who is psychologically depressed and confused. The Moonlit Road by Ambrose Bierce is a story about a woman's murder in which he invokes elements of supernatural and horror, told from three different perspectives: the son, the murderous husband, and the dead wife through a medium.

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From the beginning of the novella it is easy for the reader to have faith in the governess. The issue with this reality is that it shows the reader that the events that she shares are told by emotion, not logic. That well-worn anecdote, where every time you tweak it slightly to make it just that little bit sharper, and funnier.

In her description of Carwin she showed her lacking ability to understand situations beyond her comprehension limitations: her perception of him was based solely on her attraction to him, and not on the facts that were obvious to those around her.

In The Catcher in the Rye, by J.

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Clara can only share her thoughts and the words of others: she cannot share the thoughts of those around her. Munro SAKIis a collection of short stories about a disenchanted, upper-class youth with a mean-streak who delights in tormenting his elders.

It took off its most fantastic details regarding the murdered man 's vulture like eye, and the long drawn out detail concerning the murderer 's slow entrance into his victim 's room, the story stays at an unforgettable recording of the guilty conscience of the man 's voice

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The logic of unreliable narrators