Urban planning solutions

Here in IEREKwe believe that Urban Planning must be accompanied by sustainability concept which enables us to carry out the urban development process in the right way to keep up the sustainable environment for future generations.

Separation from car traffic has been achieved through bollards and the like, or by parked cars where the bikeway is built on a footpath.

It is the usability of a facility, product or service by people in an infrastructure, architectural, economic etc.

definition of urban and regional planning

This content is brought to you by Guardian Professional. Watch these urban planning service marketing videos to get ideas for marketing your own offering. There has been an increase among policymakers in affordable housing as the price of housing has increased dramatically creating a crisis in affordable housing.

Share via Email Investment in a new smart card payment system in Singapore has integrated the city's transport systems, making travel more efficient. Equipped with the capabilities that all public transport companies need, the solution can be configured to suit every rule, regulation and preference specific to your business.

The planet simply can't sustain current levels of resource use and environmental degradation. In further articulating this idea, the Center for Sustainable Transportation has defined a sustainable transportation system as one that: Allows individuals and societies to meet their access needs safely and in a manner consistent with human and ecosystem health, and with equity within and between generations.

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Our cities fall short on sustainability, but planning innovations offer local solutions