Writing a good game design document

What the game is. Cooperative or competitive? Where does the game take place: In the real world? The physics behind the game—the list goes on. A mobile device?

This exposes one of the primary functions of a game design document—it acts like a guide to keep everyone on your team on the same page.

game design document 2017

A game design document acts like both an anchor and a compass. Visual Style This section should describe the look and feel of the game.

Examples of good game design

What the point of it is. Storyboard art can help describe scenes or the feeling of the game. The game design document gives you perspective and context. Reign in the scope More like Reign of Fire great movie, how has a great game not been made from that concept yet? Your northern star. How does the player move from one part of the game to the next? Create a Reference for Your Entire Team If you and your team are building a simple game , you could probably get away with storing the concept in your head. What kind of feedback does the player get on progress towards the goal? The web? Cooperative or competitive? If you know you want the game to include certain mechanics, you should write them down. What the game is. Get lost in an expansive starship as you explore the various routes that may offer a better path to your destination, lead you to a treasure trove of collectibles, or take you on a deadlier course! Keep the passion alive!

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Game Design Document Template